So we begin …

Last night after a mini-rant to Z’s family about how exhausted I am, I decided to start a blog.  I have been thinking of doing this for a few months and never worked up the courage to put my thoughts into public words.  I know that I need to do this for my sanity.

But more to the point, why am I so exhausted? 

October is the month where the year begins to race by.  Between Z and I, we have 8 different friends with birthdays in late September to early October.  This means birthday parties, gift-buying, and card-sending.  On top of the birthdays, October is the last month of the year that television people can take vacation before sweeps, which means that Z is working long weeks.

This year, we have received 3 wedding invitations and 1 costume engagement party invitiation (all happening before December).  I am helping organize a bridal shower, which means that I get to skip my 10 year high school reunion (and one wedding).  Plus, we know at least 5 different people who are having babies and I would feel horrible if I didn’t knit or craft something for each of them.

There are so many festivals and events going in the city that we want to attend.  For example, we have tickets to Breakfast with The Big Cats at the Little Rock Zoo and plans to go the Arkansas State Fair.  Recently, we went to the Food Truck Fest.

I NEED to get a flu shot before November and get Shiya to the vet for her annual check-up.  Z can’t get Shiya into her crate without my help … so I will be in charge of that one.

Halloween is quickly approaching and we don’t have costumes.  To make it more difficult, I have to find a costume that is parent-appropriate as I will be attending Z’s brother’s engagement with his parents. There is also another Halloween party scheduled for the night of the engagement party.  Every year since we have lived in the same town, we have gone to the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the theater … and time must be found for this event.

Our anniversary of first time that we met each other is in November during sweeps.  There are 2 weddings in November and friends are coming into town one weekend.  Thanksgiving will involve a round-trip visit for my family’s holiday lunch and his family’s holiday dinner.

Then there is December with the annual White Elephant party and Christmas.  Holiday cards MUST be mailed by the first week of December and I haven’t decided on what cards I like best (postcards or folded).  

Plus, I have to work on my thesis which doesn’t even have the proposal finished, work 40 hours a week, maintain the apartment, and make sure that the cats behave themselves.

So … yeah, I’m exhausted.


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