Weekend Accomplished

This weekend was full of accomplishments …

Friday, I actually got off my duff and got the flu shot.  I normally do horrible with shots and needles (which my mother finds amusing since I have piercings and a tattoo).  Even when Z is with me, I hyper-ventilate and cry.  Yes, I realize that I’m an adult … but I really, really hate needles.  Somehow, I braved the pharmacy and got the shot without the hysterics.  It didn’t hurt and was done in less than 10 minutes (including the waiting).

Saturday was the big outing with Z which started at 7 am.  We went to the Little Rock Zoo and had Breakfast with the Big Cats.  About once a month, the zoo does “Breakfast with …” special events where they serve breakfast and then take you on a tour of the specific  animals which includes getting a behind-the-scenes view.  The tour guide told us the background of the 2 tigers and 3 lions that the Little Rock Zoo has.  Then we went to the underside of the exhibits where the 3 jaguars showed us their training.  The entire event was amazing, especially since the last 2 times that we have visited the zoo, the tigers have been napping.  I didn’t take any pictures because I had plenty of lion pictures and the jaguars were getting antsy to go outside.

After the Breakfast with the Big Cats, it was off to the Arkansas State Fair and then Harvest Fest at Hillcrest.  We didn’t ride any rides at the fair nor did we eat any of the deep-fried food.  Having diet restrictions for the amount of sodium and fat we consume stopped us from stuffing our faces with fried Oreos, fried kool-aid, fried pies, fried pretzels, etc.  I’m pretty sure that fair food is an example of what is wrong with America.

I finished the gifts for my friend that is getting married this weekend and I had Z mail the package to her. [Bridal/Wedding Gift post to follow shortly]

I even have a costume idea picked out for Halloween.  I just have to go get the supplies to make the costume and do the work to finish it.

Overall, I feel very accomplished.  One or two more garters to knit, thesis to work on, bridal shower fascinator to finish up, and Christmas cards to pick before November.  This may be possible. 🙂


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