Christmas Card Rules

I’ve been having a hard time this year picking out a Christmas card.  Last year, I handmade cards with a gold glitter embossed greeting, but I wasn’t sending out cards on behalf of myself and Zach. 

Shiya did not like the activity of making Christmas cards last year.

Living together means that I must take into account his preference and his option.  This means that I’m rushing to find the right card.  Right now, it’s a toss-up between a photo card of us (I like) or a photo card of the beach (Z likes).  All opinions/suggestions will be appreciated.

Why am I rushing to be pick out Christmas cards with 2 months until Christmas? 

Contrary to popular belief, there are rules to sending out Christmas cards (see KerriJack’s post) and these rules must be followed.  My set of Christmas card rules are very similar to hers:

1. Cards must not be sent out before 12:00 am on December 1.  Any card sent before that date is a “I’m-Better-Than-You” card and the sender forfeits all rights to a timely holiday card (and bragging rights).

2.  Cards must be finalized before Halloween or at latest  a week before Thanksgiving.  Bonus bragging points are awarded for those who finalize the cards in the summer.

3.   Bragging rights are the all-powerful currency in a Southern holiday gathering.  Like Pokemon, you must catch them all. The quicker people receive your card, the higher the bragging rights.  The more personalized (handwritten or handmade), the higher the bragging rights. The funnier the card, the higher the bragging rights.  Etc.

4.  It does not matter what greeting is on the card.  However, as a personal preference, I like to put Happy Holidays on my cards to not offend anyone.

5.  Names must be on the cards!  It is preferred to have both first and last names if there has been a marriage, divorce, birth, or any change in living arrangements (this includes pets).

6.  Return addresses must accompany the card.  You would think that this would be an unspoken understanding … but no, I’ve received cards without return addresses and had to make long phone calls to my mother in order to determine the correct return address.

7.  No handwritten or handmade component means that the sender forfeits all bragging rights.  No personal holiday card was sent out and therefore, no personal bragging rights have been awarded. Bragging points are subtracted if the address is printed on the envelope AND there is no handwritten component.

8.  Pictures of pets are allowed on and in Christmas cards.  Pets are furry children and just as important as actual children.  However, please see Rule #5.

9.  Anyone who sends cards on or after December 25 has already lost their card bragging rights.  Display the card as if it was the first card received and do not mention the violation to the sender.

10. Finally, (borrowing from Kerri Jack) there is no mocking the maker and enforcer of the rules as they exist in her mind.

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