Why I Hate My Appendix

All last week, I keep having stomach pain (around my belly button) that wouldn’t go away. The pain would intensify if I walked around and nothing seemed to make them better.  To ease my mind, I went to the doctor and was told that it was either appendicitis or constipation.

I was hoping beyond all hope that the pain was only constipation (despite the embarrassment of having to go to a doctor for the issue).  Yet, Z was not pleased that the possibility of appendicitis was out there.  When he was a teenager, he had appendicitis that almost burst and then he got an infection.  All week, he tried to not freak out and force me to go back to the doctor.  However, when the pain was not gone by Friday, he insisted that I call the doctor and see if I needed to do anything else.

Friday afternoon on the doctor’s orders, I arrived at the hospital for a CT scan.  I first had a scan without the contrast and was told that my doctor wanted a CT scan with the contrast which involved an IV contrast.  At this point, Z had to go work and called his mom to sit with me for the scan.  So, there I am with Z’s mom drinking red contrast and praying that the tech is skilled at doing IVs.  Sadly, all that praying didn’t help; the tech stuck me 3 different times without successfully doing the IV.   However, another nurse was called and I soon had an IV in the back of my hand.

After the contrast CT scan was completed, the tech had us wait until it could be read.  Mere minutes after Z arrived from work, a nurse walked in and said, “Are you ready to have your appendix taken out?”  I don’t think that I could have been more shocked. All week, I had been telling myself and Z that it wasn’t appendicitis, and yet it WAS appendicitis. I have never been more upset that Z was right in my entire life.

I was rushed through the admitting process and put in an ER room to wait on the impending surgery.  By midnight, I was appendix-less and in a private hospital room (I’m not sure how I managed that one).  All of my weekend plans (the bridal shower and cleaning the apartment) as well my future week plans (the LRTweetup and work as well as possible weekend Halloween plans) were ruined. I am now missing two organs (gallbladder and appendix) and praying that no more decide that they MUST be removed.

That is why I hate my appendix.


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