Half Fabric Half Knit Infinity Scarf

After looking at Sweatshop of Love’s Half Fabric Half Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern and reviewing some of the projects using this pattern on Ravelry, I decided to try this pattern a slightly different way … BY KNITTING IT!!!

Half Fabric Half Knit Scarf

My Half Fabric Half Knit Scarf -- before finishing

I basically used the same process and materials that Allyson did, but everything that I did is chronicled below as an alternative to her crochet version.

What I used:

  • 44″ by 19″ fabric with design only on one side
  • Thread, preferably heavy-duty
  • Worsted weight yarn or heavier (I used 106 yds of handspun grey [85% wool/15% mohair] from cosymakes‘s Reflection Hat Kit, roughly 100-120 yds of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight grey [2 strands held together] & about 50 yds of Patons Classic Wool grey)
  • Crochet hooks, Size G (6-4.25 mm) & 00 (3.50 mm)
  • Knitting needles, size 5 & 9
  • Small single paper hole puncher

What I did:

  1. I folded my fabric in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing outwards.  Then I sewed or stitched the fabric together.  This will gave me roughly a 44″ by 9.5″ piece.

    Bright Yellow Fabric - Design on the inside

  2. Along the 9.5″ side, I punched between 26 holes through both pieces of fabric with the hole puncher.  Allyson suggested slightly less than 1/2″ apart, but I omitted for roughly 1/4″ apart.

    They aren't nicely punched but 26 holes in a row

  3. This next section is exactly like Allyson’s project.  With the smaller crochet hook, I pulled up a loop of yarn through the first holes in the fabric. Slide that loop on the larger crochet hook. With the smaller crochet hook, I pulled up another loop of yarn through the second holes in the fabric. Slide it on the larger crochet hook. With the larger crochet hook, I yarned over and pull that loop through both loops on the crochet hook, completing the first single crochet stitch.
  4. I continued in this manner – pulling up a loop of yarn through the next holes in the fabric with my smaller crochet hook, putting that loop on my larger crochet hook, and making a single crochet, until all the holes had single crochet stitches in them.

    Single Row of Crochet completed!

  5. When I was done with the row of single crochet, I picked up 26 stitches along the crochet row with the smaller sized knitting needles.  Then I knitted for 2 rows and changed to larger size knitting needles.
  6. I continued knitting every row in garter stitch (but you could switch to whatever you desire).  I would advise against woven pattern because the knitted section will be smaller than the fabric section. I worked until my knitted section measured 44″, so now … half of the scarf is knitted and half is fabric.
  7. I punched the 26 holes in the other side of fabric after making sure to count so that if I lost or added a stitch along the way I could correct it or adjust the number of holes in the  fabric.
  8. As I did before (see #3 & 4), I crocheted a single row into the fabric. Then I picked up 26 stitches with the smaller knitting needle (See #5).

    After single crocheting and picking up 26 stitches, get the needles ready for grafting together

  9. I grafted the two sides together using the Kitchener’s Stitch and wove in the ends. Knitty.com has a good tutorial on grafting when you are using the garter stitch.

    44 inches of warmth is longer than my arms.

  10. Wear as I desire!!  Now this is the super fun part …

    Wrapped double

    Wrapped around three times for added warmth.

    My Fashion for Winter -- Wrapped 3 times with My Anthropologie Jacket

Edit:  Here is a link to my Ravelry project page for this cowl/scarf.

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