Christmas Crafting: Kitty Presents

For the past few years, I have made kitty presents for the cats in our lives.  I started doing it around the holidays to avoid buying cat toys or treats that they hate.  The dogs in our lives tend to love just about anything but alas, the cats are picky. Last year, I made catnip fortune cookies from felt.  I didn’t use anything down the middle or include a fortune, but I added lots of catnip.

2010 Christmas Presents for Kitty Friends

This year, I decided to be a little more ambition.  I found a bird plushie pattern that requires a bit of sewing and I immediately knew that all of the kitties NEEDED catnip birds for Christmas.  So far, all of the kitties who have been gifted with these birds love them!

Bottom of the Birds


6 Sewn Birds

WG enjoying the Christmas gift

3 thoughts on “Christmas Crafting: Kitty Presents

    • It was a great saver too! Since I craft a lot, I already had every fabric that I used, the polyfill, and the catnip. A total of 9 cat toys were made without purchasing anything.

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