Show some love for Sweet Love

My friend Kelli is opening a bakery in Central Arkansas this Friday.  This past weekend, she had a few blogging friends over for a sneak peek before the Grand Opening and I was lucky enough to be invited.  However, I was the most unblogger-y and didn’t take any pictures; I was too busy chatting, laughing, and oh-aw-ing over the multitude of cute children (especially the Monkey Boy and the trio of Bees).

But go here for some lovely photos and blogs of the event from KerriJack  , KatieMcManners (1 & 2), Gina , Melissa , Kyranpittmanjgreghenderson and Kat . (Let me know if I missed anyone.)

If you haven’t tried Kelli’s delicious desserts, head to Sweet Love Bakery on 8210 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR.  It is in the shopping center with Taziki’s Cafe, on the west side of the center.  To tempt your sweet tooth, here are some pictures of the sweet treats that we have ordered … because “pretty things taste better.”


7 thoughts on “Show some love for Sweet Love

    • It was a lot of fun and the bakery looks amazing! To be fair, I didn’t officially order all of those desserts. I just helped with the order, pick up, or party planning on some.

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    • After she made Z’s cake, I was hooked on her desserts. She is the only person in the world who could have made a peanut butter chocolate cake tastes that good without a recipe.

      And yes, Z’s Cake is the Peanutbutter Yum Cake:)

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