Birthday Warning

I have a tendency to celebrate my birthday longer than others.  About a month or more before the day, I start thinking of my birthday outfit and dropping not-so-subtle hints about what people could get me. 

I blame this excitement (even at my age) on my family.  My mother’s birthday is the day before mine.  My grandparent’s anniversary is the day before that.  My aunt’s (In South tradition, she is really my mom’s best friend) birthday is the day before that.  Her brother’s birthday is the day after mine and my uncle’s birthday is the day after that.  I am the youngest person in the group.

Due to these close birthday celebrations, I was spoiled on my birthday.  I got to skip school and go shopping all day with my mom and aunt.  We would eat at my favorite Chinese restaurant in Texarkana, Lee’s China, and I could get any present that I wanted for my birthday (within reason).

As I have gotten older, I have maintained a certain level of spoiled-ness on my birthday.  I don’t normal skip work, but I do buy something extravagant for myself and count down to the big day.

This year may cause Z to lose his mind …

Birthday Countdown Stickies


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