FO: Brooklyn Tweed Beaumont Tam

When I started on Ravelry, some of the very first patterns that I fell in love with came from Brooklyn Tweed and Jared Flood.  The patterns almost look so elegant and classic while still having the knitting complexities that challenges a knitter.  The Beaumont tam is no different, but I finished it and I love it.

Modeling my finished Beaumont Tam

In order to maintain the proper color working, I had to place a stitch marker after the first pattern repeat and check the pattern as I knitted around.  I didn’t have any issues (unless you count my second guessing my color choices) and it knitted up quicker than I expected.

See the green marker?

At the blocking stage, I was worried that I had accidentally knitted the tam too big.  I couldn’t believe that a 10 inch plate actual fit inside it, but after it was all done, it was perfect.

Blocking on a plate

Now I get to move on a new project … and I’m thinking of doing either Holla Back Tank or In While Crocodile from Holla Knits as my go-to summer sweater.

Ravelry Project Page

Yarn: Classic Elite Fresco

Needles: Size 4 & Size 7 dpns

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