FO: Eloping Garter Belt

Since I’ve made several knitted garter belts for my friends as wedding gifts, I decided that I wanted to knit myself a garter belt for my elopement.

I used the same pattern as I had before and actually used some leftover ribbon from Candy’s garter belt. I bought more Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk because I really enjoyed the feel of the yarn. I knitted until the piece was approximately 17 inches long. I used leftover elastic to weave through the piece for some give to it.

Blocking the garter belt


I actually wore it during our ceremony. The only problem that I had with the knitted garter belt was that it did not stick to my pantyhose. After sitting down or walking around for a bit, the garter belt would slip down my leg and I would have to bend over to fix it. [This caused a minor Bridezilla moment when my mom reminded me that it fell after the third or fourth time of fixing it.] Overall, I loved the knitted garter belt and I think Z did too. 😉

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