Sharing Some Marriage Advice

It seems that this is the year of the wedding for my group of friends.  I eloped, one of my friends gets married next weekend, and another in January.  With that in mind, I wanted to write some of the advice that I have been given on marriage in my life:

A Stolen Moment

  1. Marry a person that you like and love, not a person that you only love.  Love can fade, but if you like the person that you marry, then you will be more willing to work in the tough situations.
  2. Marriage should be built on trust, respect, and love.  A marriage without trust or respect is like a building without a foundation – at some point, it will fall.
  3. Marriage is about a lot more than just the wedding day. No amount of money or the latest trends will help a struggling relationship.
  4. Learn to compromise.  Once you are married, it is no longer all about yourself.  You have to learn to put your wants after someone else’s and you have to learn to balance everyone’s wants and needs.
  5. There will be difficult times in your marriage, no matter how much you love the person that you marry.  Not everything is going to go your way and not every situation will be ideal.  You have to be willing to work through the difficulties with the person that you marry.
  6. You and your spouse don’t always have to agree, but at least be willing to accept your differences and who they are as a person. Don’t try to change them.  If you don’t like the person or can’t accept who they are, you might want to rethink marrying them.
  7. Don’t wrap yourself up in your spouse or your status as a married person.  You were a person before you met your spouse and before you got married.  Aim to continue to be your own person.
  8. Most of all, never forget why you fell in love with the person that you marry.

Feel free to share your own advice in the comments. 😀

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