WIP: Jilted Sweater in Stripes

When the fall issue of Holla Knits came out, I just knew that I needed to start knitting something non-baby related and more me related. I knew this despite the fact that I haven’t finished two projects – a pair of socks and my Holla Back tank from Holla Knits Spring issue.  The Jilted sweater stole my heart and I sucked into knitting it up for this winter.

Regardless, I plotted on.  Raglan sweaters are some of my favorite projects and I knew that the striped yarn would make an interesting sweater. 

Working on the Sweater

Because the pattern says that the sweater is supposed to be worn with positive ease, I decided that I should make the sweater at the 36.5 inche bust instead of the smallest size.  That was my first mistake.  No matter how much I try to convince myself that I need to make a sweater with positive ease, I always end up hating the look.  I prefer negative ease.  Petite women can look frumpy in positive ease garments and it doesn’t help that I have skinny arms.

My second mistake was in the raglan increases.  I somehow misread the pattern and increased one more time than needed.  At this point, I thought I could just rib out the entire thing and start over on the smaller size.  Sadly, I convinced myself that I could just k2tog twice to fix the added stitches and everything would be fine.  So, I continued knitting.

Dropping Stitches on Purpose

More sweater disaster awaited me … I tend to bind off tightly (and knit tightly). The binding off for the bottom ribbing was almost too tight to fit comfortably over my hips.  Despite the failures, I once again convinced myself that everything would be fine – I just needed to finish the sleeves and block the garment to make everything perfect.

When I  finished one sleeve, I eagerly pulled the sweater over my head and went to the mirror to marvel at the new almost-finished sweater that I had made.  I only wish that I had taken a picture of the horror that greeted me.  The cute sweater from the issue’s pictures had somehow morphed itself on my needles into an off-shoulder monster whose one sleeve could have fit both of my arms. The entire garment was just too large for my small frame. So, I frogged all of my progress. 😦

I am planning on restarting this project – using the smallest size of the pattern and possibly smaller needles. At this point, I’m not sure when I am going to get to restart this project – October has become the month of weddings, November is the month of bridal showers, and December is for holidays and our belated honeymoon.

EDIT: The culprit of this disaster was that I knit smaller backward and forth than in the round. I will try again at a later date on smaller needles in the smallest size.

4 thoughts on “WIP: Jilted Sweater in Stripes

  1. Oh, I hate it when that happens! I love the colors. I’m attempting my first sweater after I finish the Yggdrasil Afghan for Maggie and Marisa. And the Christmas socks. Crap, I may get to the sweater next March at this rate.

    • lol! I feel the same way. At the rate that I’m going, I may have my sweater finished next Spring. I’m not even thinking about knitted Christmas gifts – too much other stuff to knit or craft in the meantime.

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