Amanda’s Vintage Bridal Shower

Finally all of our handiwork came to fruition …

The night before the party

Vintage Apron Garland was strung up with care.  Pom-poms were placed strategically.  Rosettes, strings of circles, and pennants were positioned into party fun spots.  Food was cooked and drinks were (liberally) poured.  Presents were organized and ripped open for the bride to be.

I made pennants for the walls (this was taken pre-party at my apartment)

I strung the vintage aprons together to make a garland

My bartending station – Choices: Mimosa or Bloody Mary?

The food table without the biscuits

Cookies from Sweet Love Bakery

This is how you knew that you were at the right place

I’m just happy that I could help organize such as beautiful event.

4 thoughts on “Amanda’s Vintage Bridal Shower

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