The Bracelet Necklace

Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest?  I have the Pinterest app on my iphone and whenever I have a free minute, I log on and browse through the interesting pins from my friends. 

While I was searching around for glittery birthday party decorations (I was trying to find ideas for Z and my friends for my 30th Birthday Party), I found a pin for a bracelet necklace which used an old bracelet and some ribbon.  This bracelet necklace tutorial isn’t the one that inspired me but it’s the same instructions.

When I was much, much younger, my parents bought me an ID bracelet engraved with my name and a little heart charm attached.  The bracelet had to be sized down a lot to fit my wrist, but they left me the links to get it resized as I grew.  Over the years, those links were lost.  Despite the inability to wear it, I kept the bracelet with me through college, law school, and many moves across the state.  When I saw the bracelet necklace tutorial, I knew that I had found the perfect way to wear my cherished bracelet.

Pink, Gold, and Jessica

Pink, Gold, and Jessica

Once again, wearable

Once again, wearable


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