FO: Pep in My Java Socks

This yarn caught my eye during a trip to the LYS and just begged to made into something beautiful and peppy.  The Java sock pattern (designed by Cailyn Meyer, published in Knitty) seemed just pep and energetic  enough for the colorful yarn.

Finished Peppy Java Socks!

Finished Peppy Java Socks!

These socks are some of the softest socks that I have knitted.  Plus, the ribbed pattern of the sock causes the socks to expand more than most knitted socks.  They almost form to fit your foot.  I knitted the small version and there is still room for a bigger foot than mine in the socks.

This heel and stockinette stitch sole are my favorite part of this design

Up Close View of the Heel and Sole

My favorite part about this design is the heel and sole.  The entire sole is knitted in stockinette stitch while the top of the foot and the arch area are all knitted in the ribbed pattern.  This heel design is super thick but very comfortable.

My Ravelry Project Page: Pep in My Java Socks

Needles: Size 1, dpns

Yarn: Shibui Sock (colorway 4103 or Roppongi)

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