FO: Holla Holla Back Tank

A years ago, I started knitting the Holla Back Tank from Holla Knits.

The front of the tank was finished in a few weeks, but the lace back completely threw me for a loop.  When I finally started knitting the lace again, I realized that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the top and that the yarn was discontinued (lesson learned).

Once I started knitting the lace again (after a year-long break), everything made sense.  The lace pattern was easy to memorize and was a perfect distraction during lunch breaks.  Before I knew it, the lace was finished – without the frustration from before.  Sometimes, you just need a little break from a project to make everything fall into place.

This project required blocking – due to the lace.  The blocking was quick and the seaming was painless.  After seaming, I altered the pattern by using an i-cord bind off around the neck and arms.  It was very quick and I think it gives the piece an elegant look.

I’ve already worn it out – and most people don’t realize that it’s handmade!

Ravelry Project Page: Holla Holla

Yarn: Shibui Knit Socks in Lily (021)

Needle Size: 5

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