FO: Jilted into a Crocodile

This project started off as a striped Jilted sweater, but after a set-back of knitting the wrong size (and a year), I decided to change patterns. Fingers crossed that this one looks amazing!

The In A While Crocodile pattern worked better for this yarn. Using a size 4 needle (instead of a size 7 for the Jilted pattern) caused the drape of the pattern to be much lovelier than I expected.

My copy of the pattern had an error in the sleeve section. As written, the copy had the knitter knitting a 6 row pattern and then continuing in a 8 row pattern. I first knitted the sleeves knitting in a 8 row pattern (the 6 row pattern + a knit row + a purl row) – however, this caused the sleeves to be two inches too long for the body of the top. After knitting the sleeves according to the 6 row pattern only, the sleeves fit neatly into the body.

I originally wanted to crochet the crocodile stitch.  However, I am not very good at crocheting.  My skills are basically limited to uneven single crochet.  In retrospective, I decided that crocheting (that seemed to require more skills than I have) was not a good way to advance my limited crochet skills.  Maybe next time.

Ravelry Project Page:  Jilted into a Crocodile

Needle Size: 4 dpns

Yarn: Regia Design Line Ombre Stripe

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