I started this blog to be able to share all of my knitting/craft projects and to inspire others to add a little craft-DIY magic to their lives.  Knitting and crafting are my joys, but nothing bets the joy when I see the awe and happiness that my crafts bring to those bestowed gifts.  I don’t do knit or craft professionally but I have been known to knit/craft some items on commission for dear friends.


I’m a early-30s knitter, crafter, lawyer, graduate student of Journalism, and not-so-secret geek.

I’m the newly wed wife to Z and we have two prima donna cats (Wolfgang and Shiya).  Like those with actual children, a fair majority of our stories and life revolve around the cat children, but I try to keep those stories limited. Z recently quit his job at the TV station to pursue his dream of being a doctor – He is now working on his prerequisites for Medical School.

I have an obsession with entomology, coffee, shopping, and knitting. I love photography (especially Ansel Adams) and impressionist art.  I can’t stand the word ‘shale’ and I despise uncooked celery.  I’m big on gift-giving and tend to go over the top with my close friends.

At the moment, I’m working on finishing my thesis for my Masters in Journalism.  However, everyone needs an outlet for non-work creativity.

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