FO: Hugs and Kisses Pacifier Clip

I finally finished one of my many projects this summer.

Xs and Os for some little bundle of joy

The Xs and Os are made from the Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi book written by Anna Hrachovec .  After each individual X and O was made, they were sewn together.  The pacifier attachments were also knitted separately and then sewn to the final piece.

No one can beat this love

Ravelry Project Page

Yarn: Unknown stash yarn

Needles: Size 3 dpns

FO: Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

My latest knitting projects all were baby gifts.  A cute little baby blanket and two animal pacifier clips.

Elephant without his green pacifier clip

Both the elephant and the lion are made from the Teeny Tiny Mochi Mochi book written by Anna Hrachovec .  Her tiny knits are so amazing.

Teeny Tiny Lion Pacifier Clip

The baby blanket is the Tweed Baby Blanketfrom Brooklyn Tweed (designed by Jared Flood).  It’s one of my most favorite baby blankets to knit because it always looks amazing no matter the color choice.

Baby Blanket [Without blocking]

WIPs: Holla Holla & Girly Girl Tweed Baby Blanket

After finishing my last project, I got a little ambitious and started two new projects.

First, I started the Holla Back Tank which I’m calling “Holla Holla” as it is in orange Shibui Sock yarn.

Holla Back Tank

Beginning of my Holla Back Tank

Second, I started working on another Brooklyn Tweed Baby Blanket with a cream center and pastel multi-colored border.  No pictures as of yet … but more to come.

Pantoufle de Dame

Lady Slippers for Presley

I started knitting when I was in college to ease the boredom between my classes.  My mother had always crafted and crocheted, but I wanted to be different.  After reviewing 3 different teach-yourself-to-knit books, I managed to make my first scarf and I was hooked. 

Knitting got me through my first year of law school.  It was the only thing that kept me from running away screaming after that first 3 hour final.  I would sit outside the room of my law school final and knit while I frantically tried to memorize some intricate aspect of the law.  The clicking of the needles together always calms my nerves and looking at the garment or gift that was magically taking form on my needles never ceases to amaze me.

About a week ago, I knitted up some baby booties as a gift for a friend’s soon-to-be-addition.  The pattern from Pruline is amazingly quick.

I didn’t deviate from the basic pattern, but I have found that when using worsted weight yarn in this pattern, the booties will be just the right size for a newborn to 3 month old.  Anything over or under worsted weight would require using any of the deviations or variations that people have developed on Ravelry.

Tonight was the first night that I got to do the bootie origami (folding and sewing the knitted pieces into the bootie form).   Somehow, these booties ended up being folded the same way.