Crafting: Glitter Office Art

Almost a year ago, I got a new and interesting job – which meant getting a new office to decorate. Finally, I had a reason to make some of my glittery Pinterest dreams come true and I can definitely say that creating office art is fun.

To honor my state, I choose a DIY State art.  It was one of my simplest art projects – a 10″ x 10″ canvas painted turquoise with scrapbook red glitter paper in the shape of Arkansas glued to the middle.

Glittery Arkansas

Glittery Arkansas

I also made another artwork similar to Papery and Cakery’s Sprinkle Artwork.  I used another 10″ x 10″ canvas, tons of craft glue, two different type of red glitter (micro and normal), and blue glitter letter stickers.  My kerning isn’t the best, but I like it.

Tons off glue, glitter, and love

Tons off glue, glitter, and love





Crafting: Mother’s Day Cards

Happy Mother’s Day!! For Mother’s Day, we decided to make cards that weren’t your average store-bought cards – which is great because we tend to disagree about what type of card to get (sappy v. silly). When I found this spinner card, I knew immediately that we could agree on crafting this card.

Crafting Cards - Z wrote messages on two cards while I wrote messages on two cards

Crafting Cards – Z wrote messages on two cards while I wrote messages on two cards

However, I should really avoid crafting around this time of the year. With a ton of birthdays, Z in the middle of finals, and our seasonal allergies, my crafting took on an appearance that I can only imagine resembles the crafting of a mother who just realized that her child’s holiday party was two days away. It wasn’t pretty and there may have been pouting.

Finished card with envelope

Finished card with envelope

The directions for the project are on the free printable from Farouche Shop. My two variations were using paper fasteners (instead of brads) and larger envelopes ( 6″ x 9″). Despite the frustrations while crafting, I love these cards and I hope that the recipients love them as much as we do.



Faux Hydrangea Wreath

Before it was official Spring, I was craving some Spring themed wreath for our door.  The problem was that I wanted nothing Spring holiday specific (like Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or Earth Day themed).  After searching the Internet, I found a DIY for a Faux Hydrangea Wreath that was absolutely adorable.

My faux hydrangea wreath

My faux hydrangea wreath

My wreath is a little different from the wreath in the DIY tutorial.  I choose a smaller 12 inch wreath and used 8 hydrangea flowers.  I also used the leaves from the stems to edge the wreath.

Side view showing the leaves

Side view showing the leaves

I hate grapevine wreaths. I can never seem to extract one wreath from another wreath.  The grapevine wreath always seem to be get stuck in my clothing or hair. So, I choose a straw wreath.  Using a straw wreath made it a little more difficult to push the hydrangea stems through and meant that I cut my stems about one inch shorter than the original DIY.  However, I really love the look and it’s something that can stay up into June.



Map Love

When you have too many maps lying around your house, you find yourself wanting to create some map art. Regardless of what you do with the map, it always seems to turn out lovely – especially when you pick cities that have sentimental connections.

Crafting: Parade of Elephants Baby Shower

A friend asked me to craft some decorations for an elephant themed baby shower … and this is what I came up with.

Beginning of the parade of elephants

Beginning of the parade of elephants

As a crafter, I always try to link to the exact place that I bought a specific template, fabric, yarn, or the name brand of a product; however, not all bloggers follow this method. After a googling and cursing websites, I went with Plan B – I traced an elephant and made my own template.

This template became the medium parade of elephants, the large parade of elephants, the small elephant mobile, the mother and baby elephant rosette, and an elephant mom to be pin.

Elephant Mobile - Almost too cute to give away

Elephant Mobile – Almost too cute to give away

Mom to Be Pin

Mom to Be Pin

Welcome Baby Rosette for Door or Lamp post

Welcome Baby Rosette for Door or Lamp post

A finished elephant parade garland on my mantle

A finished elephant parade garland on my mantle

FO: Hostess Tote Bag Gifts

Three 40-minute totes for three wonderful ladies

Three 40-minute totes for three wonderful ladies

My sweet mother-in-law and her friends threw me a wedding shower a few weeks ago but I had been so preoccupied with Amanda’s Bridal Shower that I completely forgot to get hostess gifts. 😦

For my birthday, Z gifted me his mother’s old sewing machine but I have been too busy, too afraid, and lacking the proper space to actually use it.  Around the time of the shower, Z got rid of a television which gave me the much-needed space for sewing projects.  I have wanted to make the 40 Minute Tote from Purl Bee ever since I saw the adorable bags.  Insert a few yards of fabric and a desire to make something wonderful for the wonderful & caring ladies that have welcomed me into their hearts.

Reversible too!

Reversible too!

Blue Chevrons or Vintage Paris print

Blue Chevrons or Vintage Paris print

Getting Creative With Mugs

A few months ago, I tried to make a mug for a friend’s bridal shower present.  It turned out looking good, but the entire time I was thinking that it would have turned out better if I had adhesive stencils.

Congratulations, Mrs. Wolfe! mug

Who knew that Martha Stewart made adhesive stencils for just such projects?

With the help of Martha Stewart adhesive stencils – Classic Serif and 2 Pebeo Porcelaine 150 pens, I think I may have a Christmas present for Z.

Adhesive Stencils in blue

You are the Obi Wan for me mug

The font reminds me of original Star Wars movies

Sweetgum Holiday Wreath

My mom used to change the Christmas holiday decorations every year.  Every year, there was a new theme with new homemade decorations.  It appears that I have the same condition.

Last year, I made an amazing Paper Cone Christmas Wreath.  However, I saw this wreath from Martha Stewart and had to make something similar. I gathered as many sweetgum balls as I could from those that fell on our balcony [I refused to pick any off the ground due to the neighbors with dogs].  I ended up with 2 gallon-sized freeze bags full of sweetgum balls and this beautiful wreath.

My sweetgum ball holiday wreath

What I used:

  • 10 inch straw wreath
  • 2 gallon-sized freeze bags full of sweetgum balls
  • Floral wire cut in 1.5 to 2 inch pieces
  • 2 cans of metallic gold spray paint
  • 1 container of coarse glitter
  • 2 inch wide ribbon
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Optional: latex gloves for spray painting

What I did:

  1. Cut off the sweetgum ball stems. Hot glue one piece of floral wire into one of the sweetgum ball holes.  Let dry.

    Sweetgum balls with floral wire

  2. In a ventilated and prepared area, spray paint the sweetgum balls.  Sprinkle glitter on a portion of the balls immediately after they are spray painted.

    Spray paint & glitter

  3. Spray paint the wreath.  This ensures that any holes from the placement of the sweetgum balls will not look awkward.
  4. Insert the floral wire into the wreath.  Be careful when you do this or the wire will bend.  Bent floral wire is harder to insert into the straw wreath than straight wire.  I only inserted sweetgum balls into the front of my wreath to ensure that it hung flat against the door.

    Almost complete

  5. Hot glue ribbon to the back of the wreath.  Let dry.

    Ribbon mission complete!

  6. Hang and enjoy!

    Glitter, gold, and red make for a beautiful holiday season!

    Hipstamatic Print of the Sweetgum Ball Wreath

FO: Lapel Pins for LR Burger Caucus

Back in December, I was asked to help create a lapel pin for the Little Rock Burger Caucus, a group of politically minded individuals who meet to enjoy great burgers throughout the Little Rock area (my words, not theirs).  For a more in-depth look at the group, go here or look around on the twitter hashtag #LRBurgerCaucus.

I finished these a bit ago, but I had to keep them a secret until they were presented to the group. 

These are the finished pins. The big image is 2 inches across and the actual images are 1 inch in diameter.

Happy New Year! : 2012

Happy New Year to everyone!!  I am not the type of person that makes New Year resolutions.  When I was in college, I would make a game of making the resolutions only to see how long it took to break them.  Yes, I may be an inherently lazy person.

Despite my unexpected bout of a cold on New Year’s Eve, I did try my hardest to make a cool skirt for the parties that I was unable to attend. Long ago, my mother gave me a sequined dress that she had only worn once.  Explaining the reason for this dress would require another much longer post.

Sequin dress in all of its glory

Bad view of the deep back V

I have never, ever, ever, ever worn this dress (other than as a joke for a moment).  I’m not 100% sure that this dress was intended to be worn by a women over the age of 18.  So I decided to get crafty and alter the dress into something more wearable like this.

Sequin Skirt


I measured to see where I wanted the skirt to fall.  Using some left-over elastic from the wedding garters, I folded the fabric over to make a waistband and sewed the fabric into a hole where the elastic was inserted.  After the elastic was in place, I cut the excess sequin fabric (Tip: Do this over a trash can because sequins will go everywhere) and I was done.  Sadly, this skirt will have to wait for another party.