FO: Knitting from Holiday Season 2014 to Now

In the past year, I haven’t been able to post much due to a very hectic schedule.  It’s strange how life will suddenly get so busy that it is dizzying thinking of the things to do and see.  Despite the busy schedule, I have managed to knit a few little items here and there.

Easter Bunny Tails


I made these for my co-workers because everyone needs a little cheer with the cold, icky weather that we have seen recently. The tag is a printable from Eighteen 25’s blog and the marshmallows are fruit flavored. A quick and easy project for a bit of cheer.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

When we came back from Florida (and Disney), I decided that I need to show our friends how much we care about them all year – not just at Christmastime or birthdays. This is just a little example of how I am showing some love to our friends this year.

Lucky Penny for St. Patrick's Day!

Lucky Penny for St. Patrick’s Day!

A treasure at the end of the rainbow

A treasure at the end of the rainbow

Magnetic pot of gold

Magnetic pot of gold

The cards are from a printable at Pumpkin Petunia’s blog and the magnetic tins were bought on sale at Michael’s.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

Our Christmas cards have been arriving in homes from coast to coast (literally). Instead of hand-creating our cards this year, I decided to go a little stress free and bought a combination of Christmas cards from and Target (because you can’t order just 60 cards). After the mailing of our wedding announcement cards, we seriously limited our list this year – but it was really hard to limit our big group of loved ones and we wish that we could send everyone a card!

Be assured that if you didn’t get one of these cards, our warm wishes for your holiday season are still here and please accept our wishes via these pictures.



Holly Jolly Christmas to My Co-workers

Although we were on a budget this holiday season, I wanted to do something special for my co-workers.  We have all worked so hard this year and everyone deserves a little something to know that they are in my thoughts this holiday season. 

I found where someone had made Christmas candy grams with the phrase “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” and jolly rancher candies — And I knew what my co-workers were getting!!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, co-workers!!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas, co-workers!!

A little washi tape and some candy love!

A little washi tape and some candy love!