Ode to My Kindle Fire

Disclaimer:  I am not being paid or receiving any free merchandise due to this post.  This is my personal opinion and it is not being influenced from any outside sources.

I love books and reading.  As a child, I would see in the sun on a summer day and read or read in the car on the way to a family event.  Yet, when I finished law school, the last thing that I wanted to do was read a book for personal pleasure.  After 3 years of reading at least 150 pages per night, I was tired of reading.  I still read the occasionally trashy romance novel for relaxation, but my reading never came close to the amount that I read prior to law school.

For Christmas, my parents bought me a Kindle Fire and a $50 gift card to buy books.  I used up the gift card over 2 months ago and I am still reading.  Between Christmas and now, I have finished reading 7 entire books and I am working on 2 more (Kitchen Confidential and Belle Du Jour: Diary of An Unlikely Call Girl – which is the book/blog that Showtime’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl is based on).

I love that my desire to read is back.  I love that I can’t lose my bookmark in my bag or mess up the book.  I don’t have to worry about  having to look up a word (highlight a word and the definition pops up).  The Kindle is fairly light and not bulky like some books are; it’s barely bigger than my hand and less than an inch deep.  I can use Amazon Prime and read books for free.  The controls are easy and I can change the look (font and color) of the books to my taste.  Everything is so convenient.

My favorite part about my Kindle is that I can email my personal documents to it.  All of those knitting patterns are no longer folded and crumpled up at the bottom of my bag; they are stored away for use in my Kindle where I can enlarge the image and scroll through the pattern at my leisure.  As I finish projects, I can delete the pattern from the device and store it in my Kindle Library for future reference.  My thesis proposal is stored on it as well.  Now I can look through it and make notes at the drop of the hat.  I can download all of the pdf articles that I am using for research for easy reference.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for this amazing gift!  I never thought that I would use it as much as I have.

Now, I think I’m going to the porch to continue reading … 🙂