FO: Rhythm Week Socks

During the coldest parts of the winter (and honestly, during the warm days of summer), I crave the warmth of hand-knitted wool socks. Nothing beats the warmth and love your feet feel upon slipping into a pair while cuddling up with a cup of hot cocoa.

Rhythm Week Socks

Rhythm Week Socks

I’ve heard people complain about hand-knitted socks ranging from hatred to disgust with one of my favorite garments. Honestly, I think that these people may not have worn a properly knitted pair of socks.

Yes, the inside of most knitted socks has a bumpy, garter stitch pattern. However, the softer the yarn, the softer the bumps. Yes, hand-knitted socks can be thick, but if they are knitted tightly enough, they can be worn with any shoe.

Broadripple socks with my favorite pair of heels

Broadripple socks with my favorite pair of heels

Yes, hand-knitted socks can have a tendency to fall down, but elastic can be woven into the band if you desire socks that stay up without fail. The band can also be knitted with a smaller needle for a tighter fit.

Knitting socks properly could be called an art. I haven’t mastered the art, but with each sock that I knit, I understand a bit more and feel a bit warmer.

My latest sock art creation was supposed to take a weekend. It took one full week. However, they are warm and soft. I can’t wait to slip my feet into them tonight and sip hot cocoa.

Warm, warm socks

Warm, warm socks

My Ravelry Project Page:  Rhythm Week Socks

Yarn:  Jojoland Rhythm

Needles:  Size 4 dpns

Pattern:  Weekend Socks

FO: Pep in My Java Socks

This yarn caught my eye during a trip to the LYS and just begged to made into something beautiful and peppy.  The Java sock pattern (designed by Cailyn Meyer, published in Knitty) seemed just pep and energetic  enough for the colorful yarn.

Finished Peppy Java Socks!

Finished Peppy Java Socks!

These socks are some of the softest socks that I have knitted.  Plus, the ribbed pattern of the sock causes the socks to expand more than most knitted socks.  They almost form to fit your foot.  I knitted the small version and there is still room for a bigger foot than mine in the socks.

This heel and stockinette stitch sole are my favorite part of this design

Up Close View of the Heel and Sole

My favorite part about this design is the heel and sole.  The entire sole is knitted in stockinette stitch while the top of the foot and the arch area are all knitted in the ribbed pattern.  This heel design is super thick but very comfortable.

My Ravelry Project Page: Pep in My Java Socks

Needles: Size 1, dpns

Yarn: Shibui Sock (colorway 4103 or Roppongi)

FO: Inlay Markham Socks

About two years ago, I started making a sock with a complicated twist design from Knitty. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to knit it up in the special yarn that a friend had given me for Christmas. At least I was excited … until I got confused on the twists and realized that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish both socks and that the yarn was discontinued (unable to buy new at stores). Somehow, I muddled through the first sock just as Z and I finished moving into our apartment on Markham. After much searching, I bought more yarn from a fellow Ravelry user and put the project aside.

One lonely, mocking sock - circa September 2011

One lonely, mocking sock – circa September 2011

Every time I finished a project, I would glance at the one mocking sock and the half ball of yarn. Every year, I would promise myself that I would finish the socks. Every time I would pass the project over in favor of something with less twists and more instance gratification (something that knits/crafts up within a day).

When I started packing up our apartment last weekend, I found the one finished sock with the remaining yarn. There was something poetic about finishing one sock when we moved into this apartment and finishing the other sock when we were moving out.

With gusto, I cast on the stitches for the small sock and began to knit. As I prepared for a confusing week of managing left and right twists, the second sock unfurled from my needles at a speed that would make Flash glance back. The twists didn’t seem that confusing now and the charted design flowed beautifully without the aid of frogging row after row.

In less than a week (and about two years), I finally had a matching pair of socks … which will now be full of memories from our time at this apartment. I had named these socks “my selfish socks” but after two years, I think these socks are something more than selfish.

Finally finished socks

Finally finished socks

Yarn: Simply Soft Shadows by Caron – Color – Soft Merino

Needles: Size 1, dpn

Ravelry Project Page: Inlay Markham Socks