Paper Cone Christmas Wreath

Sharing a home with Z makes me want to do all of the traditional holiday decorating that I have been bypassed for the past few years.  So, finding the perfect Christmas wreath for the apartment was easier than I expected.  I had narrowed the wreath choices down to two paper wreaths (one using book paper and one using sheet music).  Z was floored when I showed him the sheet music wreath (probably because he is a musician).

The Etsy wreath made by RoseFlower48

I decided that the same effect could be done cheaper than buying the one on etsy.  So I purchased 50 vintage pages of sheet music from LoveDove Trading on Etsy and the tutorial began.

Our Finished DIY Paper Cone Christmas Wreath

What I used:

  • Pages of Sheet Music (I used approx 25 pages)
  • Craft Glue or E6000 (hot glue could be used as well)
  • 2 inch wide ribbon
  • Cardboard circle base
  • Cardstock
  • Stamp and stamp ink
  • Embossing glitter
  • Embossing gun
  • Optional: ribbon

What I did:

  1. In order to get proper paper cone shapes, I cut the sheet music to 8.5″ x 8.5″.

    Sheet Music

    Sheet Music should be cut into 8.5" x 8.5" squares

  2. Start making cones out of the sheet music squares using glue on the outer corner to seal and hold the shape. Be prepared to make several trial cones to get the right size.  The size of the cones will determine how many you will need for your wreath. As I made the cones, I placed each in a circle so that I would know when to stop.  If you use vintage paper, be very gentle because the paper will  tear in this process.  Do not fold vintage paper unless you want it to tear.

    Prepping the Paper Cone Wreath

  3. At this point, I used a Dos Equis box to get a circle cardboard base.  I used a regular cd to get the basic shape and size.

    Cardboard base cut

  4. To maintain the shape of the wreath,  I placed glue all over one side of the cardboard base and then began placing the paper cones in groups.

    After the gluing process

  5. After forming the wreath shape, I cut a cd sized circle from the cardstock paper.
  6. Taking a holiday stamp that I used on our Christmas cards last year, I stamped the center of the cardstock and poured gold embossing glitter over the top.  Be use to shake the excess glitter off before you emboss it (or you will get the excess embossed glitter like I did).
  7. Emboss the stamp.  Be careful how close you hold the embossing gun to the paper.
  8. Glue a short ribbon to the cardstock (or whatever you desire) and glue the cardstock circle to the wreath center.

    Close up of the center design

  9. To hang the wreath, I glued the longer length of ribbon to the cardboard base and up one of the paper cones for added support.
  10. Wait for the glue to completely dry. Decorate your door, home, or office.

    Waiting for the Glue to Dry

Finished and Hanging on Our Door

The total project took me roughly 3 hours (not including time spent waiting for the glue to dry completely or time spent watching Z play Kirby’s Epic Yarn while crafting).  Using the sheet music cut to 8.5″ x 8.5″ resulted in a wreath that is about 22-23 inches wide.