Sweater Follies

About a year ago, I decided to recycle my favorite sweater that I purchased when I was a freshman in college.  This sweater had been with me through mild South Arkansas winters and frigid North Arkansas winters.  It had seen first dates and last dates.  This is the sweater that broke my mother’s necklace (I forgot I was wearing the necklace and pulled the sweater off, breaking the chain).  It had seen good times and bad times.  It was my favorite sweater ever.  But, the sweater had seen better days.  In order to keep the chilly air from you, you had to wear something underneath the sweater.  Sadly, the sweater had gotten to a point where no amount of layering was going to hide the fact that it was too short in the torso and too short in the arms.

So, I unravelled the sweater with the grand scheme of knitting it into a new and updated sweater.

Two skeins of recycled sweater yarn

That was over a year ago … and I still don’t have a new sweater.  When I try to knit a new sweater with the yarn, something doesn’t feel right and I frog the entire project to start anew.  It’s like the yarn is screaming at me that it doesn’t want to be a sweater anymore.  No pattern seems to fit and no stitch seems to be just right.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I know, I know.  It’s crazy to think of yarn desiring to be something more than a sweater … but I am starting to think that maybe that is exactly what is going on here.  Maybe this yarn wants to warm a baby as a blanket or a blanket border?  Maybe this yarn is tired of being a sweater.

As I frog this project for the third time, I think I’m going to take the hint.  I will not make this yarn into another sweater (unless someone has a better suggestion).  Maybe a cute pair of socks for me … and a border to a baby blanket?