FO: Lots of Baby Hats & A Knitting Needle Bracelet

With lots of my friends and coworkers being either pregnant or having adorable little babies, it seems that I have been knitting baby items for awhile.  Here are some of the little helm-protectors that I have finished lately:

Also … I’ve been drooling over knitting needle bracelets or bangles ever since I saw them on Etsy years ago.  A few weeks ago, I managed to make one of my own.  I used this online tutorial, but the temperature setting for the metal needles only worked well with the smaller gauge needles.  This bracelet was a size 1 needle.

Knitting needle bracelets - beautiful and dangerous ;)

Knitting needle bracelets – beautiful and dangerous 😉






FO: Old Top, New Skirt

My new skirt!

My new skirt!

This skirt (forgive the bad iphone photo) once was old babydoll halter top. The old top was adorable but the halter ties were too thin which constantly caused pain.

After years of yearning to wear it, I decided that it would better serve me as a skirt.  I cut off the halter top and attached a wide elastic band.  With less than 2 hours of energy, I now have one amazing skirt with functional pockets.

Adorable skirt with functional pockets

Adorable skirt with functional pockets

The Bracelet Necklace

Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest?  I have the Pinterest app on my iphone and whenever I have a free minute, I log on and browse through the interesting pins from my friends. 

While I was searching around for glittery birthday party decorations (I was trying to find ideas for Z and my friends for my 30th Birthday Party), I found a pin for a bracelet necklace which used an old bracelet and some ribbon.  This bracelet necklace tutorial isn’t the one that inspired me but it’s the same instructions.

When I was much, much younger, my parents bought me an ID bracelet engraved with my name and a little heart charm attached.  The bracelet had to be sized down a lot to fit my wrist, but they left me the links to get it resized as I grew.  Over the years, those links were lost.  Despite the inability to wear it, I kept the bracelet with me through college, law school, and many moves across the state.  When I saw the bracelet necklace tutorial, I knew that I had found the perfect way to wear my cherished bracelet.

Pink, Gold, and Jessica

Pink, Gold, and Jessica

Once again, wearable

Once again, wearable


Organizing Double Pointed Knitting Needles

Ever since Z & I have started living together, I have been looking for a way to organize my double-pointed knitting needles.  I knew that I wanted something decorative but nothing too girly.  I had contemplated buying a test tube holder … but it just didn’t seem completely right.

Yesterday, I met Z and our friends at our local antique mall and I found the perfect organizational device … a vintage pipe holder.

Holding Sizes 1-9 Knitting Needles

I never thought that this would work, but it’s amazing! I can fit two sets of double-pointed needles in the holders until I get to size 8 and I still have an extra space.  My size 11 double-pointed knitting needles will not fit into one hole, but I think a size 10 would be perfect for the extra space.

Immediately after setting it up, the space already looks neater

I may insert my knitting needle tin into the middle of the pipe/dpns holder at a later date. Right now, I’m just marveling at this simple repurposing!

Edit: This is the final look … and I love it!

Final look with tin inside the pipe holder and scissors in the extra space