Easter Bunny Tails


I made these for my co-workers because everyone needs a little cheer with the cold, icky weather that we have seen recently. The tag is a printable from Eighteen 25’s blog and the marshmallows are fruit flavored. A quick and easy project for a bit of cheer.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

When we came back from Florida (and Disney), I decided that I need to show our friends how much we care about them all year – not just at Christmastime or birthdays. This is just a little example of how I am showing some love to our friends this year.

Lucky Penny for St. Patrick's Day!

Lucky Penny for St. Patrick’s Day!

A treasure at the end of the rainbow

A treasure at the end of the rainbow

Magnetic pot of gold

Magnetic pot of gold

The cards are from a printable at Pumpkin Petunia’s blog and the magnetic tins were bought on sale at Michael’s.