FO: Holla Holla Back Tank

A years ago, I started knitting the Holla Back Tank from Holla Knits.

The front of the tank was finished in a few weeks, but the lace back completely threw me for a loop.  When I finally started knitting the lace again, I realized that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish the top and that the yarn was discontinued (lesson learned).

Once I started knitting the lace again (after a year-long break), everything made sense.  The lace pattern was easy to memorize and was a perfect distraction during lunch breaks.  Before I knew it, the lace was finished – without the frustration from before.  Sometimes, you just need a little break from a project to make everything fall into place.

This project required blocking – due to the lace.  The blocking was quick and the seaming was painless.  After seaming, I altered the pattern by using an i-cord bind off around the neck and arms.  It was very quick and I think it gives the piece an elegant look.

I’ve already worn it out – and most people don’t realize that it’s handmade!

Ravelry Project Page: Holla Holla

Yarn: Shibui Knit Socks in Lily (021)

Needle Size: 5

WIP: Holla Holla & Pep in My Java

After I finished the Inlay Markham socks, I thought that I would attempt to finish knitting some of my other projects. I frogged the beginning portion of the back of Holla Back Tank and started anew. For some reason, this second attempt looks much different from my first attempt. I think I had previously knitted an inch in stockinette stitch before the lace started. However, after reviewing the pattern, the lace portion should start as soon as you start the back. The wonders of picking up a project after a year in the project bags means that I have no clue what I was thinking when I changed the pattern like that.

Lace Back of my Holla Holla Tank

Lace Back of my Holla Holla Tank

I made it through the waist decreases when I ran out of yarn. My excitement was high when I went to the local yarn shop (LYS) in search of the bright yarn to finish the project. Alas, always buy more yarn than you need — because you never know when a yarn will be discontinued like the colorway Lily in Shibui Sock. Thank goodness for Ravelry! This is the second time that I have had to buy some stash yarn from a fellow crafter to finish a project.

To brighten my mood, I bought some variegated Shibui Sock yarn called Roppongi on sale and set to work on the Java Sock pattern from Knitty (for some moving relaxation and an early birthday present to myself). Every time I knit socks for myself, I always pick some yarn that is variegated. I’m not sure what that says about my style as a knitter or my fashion style, but I love how variegated yarn makes such intricate designs with the sock pattern. 

Always go Variegated - Pep in My Java Socks

Always go Variegated – Pep in My Java Socks