Amanda’s Vintage Bridal Shower

Finally all of our handiwork came to fruition …

The night before the party

Vintage Apron Garland was strung up with care.  Pom-poms were placed strategically.  Rosettes, strings of circles, and pennants were positioned into party fun spots.  Food was cooked and drinks were (liberally) poured.  Presents were organized and ripped open for the bride to be.

I made pennants for the walls (this was taken pre-party at my apartment)

I strung the vintage aprons together to make a garland

My bartending station – Choices: Mimosa or Bloody Mary?

The food table without the biscuits

Cookies from Sweet Love Bakery

This is how you knew that you were at the right place

I’m just happy that I could help organize such as beautiful event.

Crafting: More Bridal Shower Decorations

No matter what anyone says, accordion folds are not your friend.  They do, however, produce some beautiful decorations for a bridal shower which will match the Vintage Apron Decorations.

Tissue Paper Pom Poms for the ceiling

The pom-poms will be hung from the ceiling and are made using a Martha Stewart tutorial.  The hardest part of making these was figuring out how to wrap the floral wire around the tissue paper [You fold the wire in half and slip over the tissue paper, then twist at the edge of the tissue paper].

Starburst ceiling decorations!

This is my first rosette, but there will soon be more of these little things.  I used this paper rosette tutorial.

Rosettes for the walls

Crafting: Vintage Bridal Shower Decorations

Apron Garland

I am in charge of the organization for a bridal shower. After the theme of vintage kitchen/aprons and the color scheme of red, orange, & blue were chosen, the best part was getting decorations ready.

The inspiration for this project came from a Craftster post. I knew immediately that it would be perfect for the shower.

What I used:

  • Decorative Cupcake liners, folded in half
  • White Cupcake liners, folded in half
  • White Mini-cupcake liners, folded in half
  • White Cardstock
  • Blue letter stickers
  • Ribbon cut into 2 inch pieces
  • Hot Glue gun

What I did:

  1. Build your aprons. I used one decorative liner with two white liners underneath and two mini liners on top. If you use stickers on the aprons, put the stickers on at this stage.

    Bride To Be

  2. Cut out the bodice of the apron from the cardstock. I cut one piece of cardstock in the shape of a hourglass and then folded the cardstock in half.

    Cardstock and ribbon

  3. Hot glue the cardstock together with the ribbon ends between the cardstock.
  4. Hot glue the inner liners to the outer liners. The best way is to put the hot glue on the edge of the liner fold and insert one liner into another.

    Separate the Liners

    Hot glue liner to liner

    After the apron liner is glued, glue the dress liners

  5. Hot glue the bodice to the decorative liner.

    Almost there …

  6. Hot glue the mini liners on top of the bodice glued to the decorative liner. I only put glue in the area of the liner that would have been the base of a cupcake.
  7. Enjoy the beautiful vintage decorations.


Pouring Over Wedding Photos

Just over a month since the elopement, I still catch myself calling Z “my boyfriend” and I can’t believe that we are actually married.  I never thought that some simple jewelry would mean so much.

Having no official photographer means that I get to sort through all of the photos taken our family and friends.  I get to create our wedding photo book. I get to be amazed at the beautiful moments that were caught on film.

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FO: Eloping Garter Belt

Since I’ve made several knitted garter belts for my friends as wedding gifts, I decided that I wanted to knit myself a garter belt for my elopement.

I used the same pattern as I had before and actually used some leftover ribbon from Candy’s garter belt. I bought more Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk because I really enjoyed the feel of the yarn. I knitted until the piece was approximately 17 inches long. I used leftover elastic to weave through the piece for some give to it.

Blocking the garter belt


I actually wore it during our ceremony. The only problem that I had with the knitted garter belt was that it did not stick to my pantyhose. After sitting down or walking around for a bit, the garter belt would slip down my leg and I would have to bend over to fix it. [This caused a minor Bridezilla moment when my mom reminded me that it fell after the third or fourth time of fixing it.] Overall, I loved the knitted garter belt and I think Z did too. 😉

I eloped!

Ready for a surprise?

Last Saturday, Z and I eloped.

Why? We eloped because we feared the very real possibility that I would become the Bridezilla of everyone’s nightmares.  His parents are moving to Florida at the end of the year and my parents don’t like to travel.  I feared the actuality of tons of people watching me walk anywhere let alone down the aisle.  We eloped because we saw our engaged friends go a little crazy with all of the details of a wedding.  We didn’t want that much stress.  We just wanted to be married to each other.

Where? Bernice Gardens in Little Rock

Now for some minor details:

I got my dress made specifically for me by Etsy seller Cherrypievintage based on this vintage dress from a different Etsy seller.

Such an amazing dress!

I made red paper roses for the bouquet and boutonniere using an online tutorial.

Very easy tutorial for DIY paper roses!

I knitted my garter belt.


I couldn’t decide on a veil and even attempted to knit a veil.

Almost a knitted veil

My mom saved the day by bringing a veil with crystals.

I bought Bride and Groom Pez dispensers from and ordered a small red velvet cake from Sweet Love.

Pinwheels, Pez, and Red Velvet

Bing, Bang, Boom — We were married with minimal fuss and only one minor Bridezilla moment (which thankfully only my parents saw).  I don’t think we have ever smiled or laughed that much in a very long time.

OMG! We are married!

Making Bridal Gifts to Stop Marriage Fever

I love my friends and my happiness for each of their impending marriages is only compounding by the joy of making wedding gifts for them. However, that happiness can quickly turn into Marriage Fever if one thinks too much about the impending wedding.  In order to save Z’s sanity, I have been working my fingers to make gifts for my wonderful friends because as my grandfather used to say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.”

Erwin ~~

After wracking my brain for what to make for this wedding, I decided to try my hand at knitted lace.  I found the pattern Eloping on and fell in love with the simplicity and elegance of the lace garter.  So, in addition to the X and O cufflinks that I had already made for Chuck, I made this garter from Blue Sky Alpacas Alpaca Silk (and had to make more for everyone else).

Erwin's knitted garter & two sets of cufflinks (XO & Polish zloty coins)

That was going to be the only handmade gift … but then Erwin mentioned that she wished that she could find some Polish coins to give her groom as she has a Polish heritage.  Plus, a request was made for a bridal shower fascinator.  I don’t have any good photos of the fascinator on the bride, but there was a string of beads the color of the bridal shower decorations that hung in a swag at the back.

Bridal Shower Fascinator with Polish coin

Candy ~~

Candy's Garter

Something Blue Garter for Candy and X O cufflinks for her beau

I had to miss this wedding due to the appendix surgery and Erwin’s bridal shower.  I really wanted to make something special for Candy and her beau. So, yet another garter with a different ribbon and some handmade X and O cufflinks for the groom.

I had Z ship these out to the bride and groom.  I got word before the wedding that they had received them and loved them. 🙂

Nedra ~~

I have known Nedra since we were 5 years old. She specifically asked for some more bath fizzies. I had originally made these for her Christmas present last year.  They weren’t perfect; I added too much water and a lot of the bath fizzies were misshapen. Yet, she loved the cucumber melon scented bath fizzies and wanted more!

Cucumber Melon scented, green apple colored bath fizzies

Her groom already had a handmade pair of cufflinks that I had been forgetting to give to him.  These were similar to the X & O cufflinks but were in his initials.

In addition, I decided to knit another bridal garter which matches the colors of the bride’s dress. The ribbons actually match the dress ribbons.  They already have a commercial garter that they will use for the garter toss, but everyone needs a few keepsakes from their wedding day.

A Wild Garter for my wild friend